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  1. Kelly Boyer Sagert is a fulltime writer and editor who has sold over 1,000 pieces of her writing to magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, web sites and literary journals. She has also written material for local cable television and radio programs, and has profiled over 100 authors. She has written five books, as well, and contributed material to more than one dozen other books.

    Her books include:

    * Pop Culture of the 70s (Greenwood Publishing, project release December 2006)

    * FabJob Guide to Become a Funeral Director (FabJob, 2005), a self explanatory title

    * Baseball’s All-Time Greatest Hitters: Joe Jackson (Greenwood Publishing, 2004), a look at one of the most talented-and controversial-athletes of our century

    * Birth of Illumination (2001), a work-for-hire book about the rise of the public library system in Toni Morrison’s hometown

    * ‘Bout Boomerangs: America’s Silent Sport (PlantSpeak Publications, 1996), a book that the Australian boomerang coach called “nearly perfect”

    Sagert also served as managing editor of Northern Ohio’s Over the Back Fence for nearly four years (1997-2001) and she served as the contributing editor for the Southern Ohio edition of Over the Back Fence, as well. Sagert also edited five trade magazines and numerous business directories, community guides and travel planners for the company.

    She writes biographical and educational material for encyclopedias and other anthologies, including publications put out by Harvard University, Macmillan and Gale Group, Charles Scribner’s Sons, ME Sharpe, Oxford University Press, University of Indiana Press, ABC-Clio and Facts on File.

    Sagert also speaks regularly on communications issues at writer’s conferences and workshops, including those held at The Ohio State University, Youngstown State, Kent State University, Bowling Green State University and Lorain County Community College.

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